Mar 26, 2019 10:51:51
Privacy Policy
  • information we collect.

We want our users to understand what information Free eBid collects and the value they receive in return.

Our program takes into account legal requirements and our commitments to our customers to deliver a trusted experience when interacting with Free eBid

We aim to explain to our users the information that we collect from them and what we plan on doing with it.

  • Allow users to easily access and update their own data

Having accurate information about our users helps create a smooth customer experience.

We will provide mechanisms where we can to give our users access to information related to their account and other interactions with Free eBid. We want our customers and users to be able to easily correct that information if it is wrong or out of date.

  • User data and user privacy

Users trust us with their personal information and expect us to protect and use it appropriately.

  • We give users meaningful choices in privacy

We know that control over personal information is important.

We give our users real and realistic choices about what information they share with us and how it is used, and provide visibility into those choices and how they can be updated.